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A Weekend to Remember!

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The Boston International Fine Art Show is New England's premier show and sale of historic, modern and contemporary fine art.  A show like BIFAS requires the participation of hundreds of individuals and businesses to bring you one spectacular weekend.  We especially thank our exhibitors, without whom there would be no show.  Please support their efforts through your purchases and keep the finest coming to Boston!

2022 Exhibitors 

2023 Exhibitors to be announced soon!

Alfano Sculpture.jpg
Arcadia Contemporary.jpg
Avery Galleries.jpg
Bowersock Gallery.jpg
Colm Rowan.jpg
Eckert Fine Art.jpg
Don GOrvett Gallery and Studio.jpg
Estate of David Omar White.jpg
Estate of Mark Baum.jpg
Gary Bruder Fine Art.jpg

Gary Bruder Fine Art (NY)

Gleason Fine Art.jpg
Glen Leroux.jpg
Graham Shay.jpg
Iris Gallery.jpg
Jeannot R. Barr.jpg
JW Reilly.jpg
Lana Gordon Gallery.jpg
Lincoln Glenn.jpg
Martha Richardson.jpg
Parco Fine Art.jpg
Rehs Contemporary Galleries.jpg
Rehs Galleries.jpg
Susann Fichera.jpg
Robert Lloyd.jpg
Thomas Darsney.jpg
Trinity House Paitnings,jpg.jpg


"BIFAS is Boston's premier art show and for over two decades has continuously been recognized... for the breadth,

depth and quality of works...  Beautifully carpeted aisles and dramatically designed booths invite guests to view

some of today's most influential artists in professional gallery settings." - New England Monthly 


Discover the wide variety and talent of our individual emerging

and mid-career juried artists in our special "Emerge" section.

_Anna Thurber.jpg
_Carlos Poncecarlos_ponce_.jpg
_Eric Hon.jpg
_Matthias Lupri.jpg
_Heidi Johnson.jpg
_Michael J. Murray.jpg
_Joyce Pommer.jpg
_Nick Paciorek.jpg
_Rach Morrissey.jpg
_Wiley Holton.jpg
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